LIVE CHALLENGE! Limited Opportunity To Work CLOSELY With Me And Get Personalized Attention As I Guide You Through The Process Of Fasting, Fitness and Freedom to Activate the Wellness Warrior Within You with L.O.V.V.V.E...
Free Yourself From Food and Weight Obsession
Discover Natural Ways to Bullet-Proof Your Immune System
Learn How to Move Your Body With L.O.V.V.V.E.™ (so you don't lose your mind!!!)
ACTIVATE Your Weight Loss Goals With Intermittent Fasting!
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Are You Fed Up Feeling Obsessed Over Food and Counting Calories?

Would You Like to Get Off The Diet Roller Coaster?

Have You Ever Wanted To Successfully Lose Weight and Keep It Off?
OKAY, Natalia:
  • I watched the video....
  • I want balance in my life...
  • ​I am willing to learn how to properly fast...
  • ​I am willing to learn how to move my body with lovvve... 
  • ​I want to free my mind... 
  • I need your help...
  •  I need to choose me and feel confident again...
  •  I will listen to you and apply what you teach me...
  •  And I am excited to learn more...
If the above statements are true for you... then it is time to click the button below!
The One Activation Away Challenge is designed for busy women who... 
  • Tried Losing Weight In The Past and Failed (or gained it back)...
  • Want to Get Off The Diet Roller Coaster (and still burn fat fast)...
  • Want to Successfully Lose Weight Fast, Keep It Off and Enjoy The Process!
OKAY, Natalia:
  • I watched video....
  • I want lose weight fast without spending hours in the gym...
  • I need your help...
  •  I need to choose me and feel confident again...
  •  I will listen to you and apply what you teach me...
Discover How She Has Empowered 
Thousands Of Women Get Activated! 
Natalia - I AM Wellness Warrior 
Hey Wellness Warriors, 

My name is Natalia, Wellness Warrior and Co-Founder of Warrior Life Code.  During these times of uncertainty, I am here to be part of the solution and empower men and women around the world activate the Wellness Warrior within themselves with fasting, fitness and freedom!!

We may not have control of what is happening around the world, but we do have control of how we respond.  I am ready, willing and able to share powerful resources, tools and strategies with will not only help you survive... BUT TO THRIVE UNDER THESE CIRCUMSTANCES. 

This is a call to change ... 
and a call to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION... 


If the answer is YES YES!?? 

I've got exactly what you're looking for...

“As iron sharpen iron, so a friend sharpens a friend…” Proverbs 27:17
So if you’re super excited about this challenge, I can imagine you have at least 3 of your friends or team members that will be too… so once you join the One Activation Away Challenge you’ll be able to get a unique share link.

Then, when 3 of your friends join the One Activation Away Challenge using your special link, we’ll reimburse your entry fee. Then BOOM! You get ACTIVATED FOR FREE, baby! YUP... you will receive your $47 Challenge Entry Fee, lose weight and share the success with YOUR team! 

That’s badass,  right?

Ok, so let's go... what are you waiting for?!!!

I can’t WAIT to get to know you and assist you throughout this transformational journey!

With Love and Freedom, 

Here's What You'll Get When You Join Today! 
If you are a visionary man or woman who really wants to build immunity, activate weight loss and transform chaos into miracles...then it is time to answer "the call" and click the button below!
30 Days of Virtual Coaching with Natalia 
It is 30 days of me challenging you everyday that holds the secret for you to get the results you want faster!  
Get questions answered live by me and my team. 
Receive special assignments that will help you stay focused and take action.
 Activate Intermittent Fasting Burn Fat Fast
Intermittent Fasting does not equal starving and it is NOT diet.  It is a scheduled way of combining both extending fasting and eating times into a continuous routine turn you body into a fat burning machine. 

Join this 30-day challenge and learn how to properly activate the power of Intermittent Fasting and healthy eating to burn fat fast and boost your energy levels. Discover how you can get the results you have always wanted without the confusion and frustration!
Activate Short Easy Workouts With Positive Affirmations

Combining a revolutionary workout with affirmations and fasting will help you shed the pounds and instantly build your confidence to keep you in the game! 

As a Master Trainer, I am excited to bring a heart-pumping mood-boosting cardio workout with powerful positive affirmations into your home! You will also have access to body weight exercises, stretches and more so you never get bored!!  
Activate Freedom From the DIE/t Mindset
Your weight loss journey is more of a mental challenge than a physical one. Learn how to break-free from the diet mindset and cultivate a Wellness Warrior mindset.  Get empowered and take your power back so food no longer controls your life.

Join this 30-day challenge to Activate the Wellness Warrior within you and experience freedom from the stubborn extra pounds you carry on your body and the negative emotions that weigh you down and trigger destructive habits.
Finally, a system that will not only help you ACTIVATE your weight loss, but will also help you ACTIVATE a positive LIFESTYLE change... 
After many years of yo-yo DIE/ting and feeling frustrated...

Activating fasting, fitness and freedom was the answer, 
a powerful trifecta that helped me
transform body, mind and soul, 
and now...

I am on a mission to help women just like you!
One Activation Away Workouts With Natalia
Activate Fasting, Fitness and Freedom with a variety of ways to move your body  that include,  a revolutionary heart-pumping cardio workout called IntenSati (fusion of yoga, dance and mindful movements with positive affirmations), stretching, body weight exercises and more! 
We keep it simple and fun throughout the challenge. 
One Activation Away Digital Tracking Journal
This easy-to-follow digital journal is the rockstar of all journals - created to make tracking your mood and hunger levels simple.  It has plenty of space to write your victories, challenges and more! 
And using your journal on a daily basis for 30 days will empower you with information about you and your weight loss journey. Discover any triggers that may cause self-sabotage and stop them immediately for greater success. 
One Activation Away Meal Plan and Shopping List
Intermittent Fasting Made Simple For The Busy Woman! (helpful for men too!) 
We transform confusion into clarity when it comes to Intermittent Fasting. This 4 week meal plan and shopping list makes it so easy to create quick healthy meals without feeling deprived. 

You will know what you should eat during your 8 hour window and what you should avoid during your fasting hours. 

One Activation Away Digital Workbook
This digital Workbook makes it easy for you to Activate and Execute the intermittent fasting and fitness portion of your challenge. 

It provides a checklist of tasks or reminders to help you set yourself up for success on a daily basis. Also, provides video links and any extra resource links you’ll need to complete the day’s tasks. 
You will be organized, productive and equipped with the right tools! 
Wait! I am also going to include some exclusive bonuses YOU can't get anywhere else... 
Bonus #1 Private Challenge Facebook Group
You are Not Alone
This is my favorite part of the challenge!!!! Connect with
like-minded Wellness Warriors to stay inspired. 
This is a safe and sacred space to share victories, challenges and more.  In this group, you will be inspired, supported and build a tight bond with other challengers. 
Bonus #2 One Activation Away VIP Membership Access
Access to All Recordings
If you miss any live coaching calls - we got you covered! You have access to our exclusive membership area and can replay all recordings, workouts and more! 

Bonus #3 One Activation Away Pocket Guide
Reprogram Your Mind
Get a copy of this little purple pocket guide shipped to your door! It holds the keys to positive reinforcement and my 6-step revolutionary formula... L.O.V.V.V.E to empower you throughout your journey.
The mental work is an important part of this challenge and will make a positive impact in every area of your life. 
Carry this resourceful little activation pocket guide to help you interrupt the voice of the "inner bully" and learn how to cultivate a positive mental attitude. 

Imagine What Life Would Be Like Free of 
Food  and Weight Obsession, Anxiety and  Worry
Here Is What We Will Cover...
Week 1 Activation, let go of the DIE/T Mindset...
 You will be equipped with all everything you need to know to prepare yourself for Intermittent Fasting.  This week you set yourself up for success by setting your an eating window, goals, and prep times. 

 Learn how to identify and let go of destructive habits that lower your self esteem and keep you from losing the weight. 

 Discover how implementing our simple and easy meal plans will accelerate your weight loss journey.  

Week 2 Activation, you will be able to...
 Increase fasting times and exercise windows as your body will be adjusting to your new eating patterns. 
 Shed more pounds faster with the power of forgiveness.  Discover how choosing or having the willingness to forgive and "be forgiven"  will set you free from negative emotions and will help you shed pounds even faster than you can imagine. 

Level up your water drinking intake and clean eating habits. 
Week 3 Activation, this week you will be able to... 
 You will asses your progress and make adjustments as needed ...without judgment. This week you will feel and see major changes in your body. 

 Learn how to listen to the Voice of The Wellness Warrior within you to continue this challenge self-discipline and self-control.  

Vibrate Higher by stepping out of your comfort zone and do a 3-day Wellness Warrior Gentle Cleanse with your Wellness Warrior Community! 
Week 4 Activation, this week you will be able to ...  
 Identify and share your challenges without judgement and celebrate your victories with your tribe. 

 Confidently own your strengths superpowers and personal transformation. Transformation pics and weigh -ins will be celebrated this week! 

 Increase your level of difficulty with the workouts! You will feel and look stronger!!

Check out what other Wellness Warriors Are Saying... 

It is time to activate fasting, fitness and freedom on a daily basis to join other empowering women in our Wellness Warrior Tribe who are changing their life for good! 

One Activation Away Challenge
JUST $47
Your Challenge Is To TAKE ACTION  And... 
Complete The Activations Given To You,
Every Day For 30 Days.
Here's a recap of
When You Purchase The One Activation Away Challenge!
  • ​30 Days Of Virtual Coaching With Natalia                        ($1,497 Value)
  • ​One Activation Away Workouts With Natalia                   ($297 Value)
  • ​The One Activation Away Digital Tracking Journal        ($47 Value)
  • ​The One Activation Away Meal Plan & Shopping List    ($97 Value)
  • ​One Activation Away Digital Workbook                             ($27 Value)
  •  BONUS #1 Private Challenge Facebook Group               ($497 Value)
  •  BONUS #2 VIP Membership Access To All Recordings ($197 Value)
  •  BONUS #3  One Activation Away Pocket Guide             ($17 Value)
Total Value: $2,676
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